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Content wars: with more buyers than ever:

  1. Netflix planning 90 films for 2019

  2. WarnerMedia launching three tiers of SVOD

  3. Comcast, IMDB and Roku pushing AVOD

  4. Disney+ investing billions into their biggest OTT initiative. SuperIP can deliver “super” commercial IP to all buyers.

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Our DNA: Media & Entertainment at the highest intersection of Digital.

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We are dreaming big! Think Marvel reborn as a super-indie ... with exceptional box office numbers as historicals.

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We are industry vets across entertainment, distribution, studio financing, revenue growth and investment - driven to engage the talent on the newest platforms: a new IP development & distribution engine.

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Building new worlds of content and connectivity.


We will primarily promote this super-human IP across SVOD, telecom and new territories, while insulating the content rights by licensing to major comic book, graphic novel and immersive VR/AR platforms.

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[Above] Comparative entertainment properties that align with our strategic, focused IP vision.

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