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Saturn Awards

“Golden Globes meets Comic-Con”
A reboot of the Saturn Awards with a new license, merchandising and experiential.


A man who’s lived a less-than-civil life winds up dying but is brought back to help “turn” others who don’t want to be converted to good. They invoke their own level of underworld villains to battle him in this horror, superhuman mix. 

Comps: Logan, The Sixth Sense, The Walking Dead

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“Stranger Things” meets superhumans. Take a retro 80s east coast prep school and add a new kid loner with closeted telekinesis who finds himself trained by a tormented teacher / mentor who is later killed by the privileged school’s bullies. Time for some “ever upwards” revenge...

Comps: The Kingsman, Stranger Things, Kick-Ass

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A new mastermind: After too many all-nighters, a super-smart college freshman woman unlocks the ability to see the future and realizes superhuman abilities, including being able to see others developing similar skills with less humane intentions. She must recruit other classmates to protect society.

Comps: Limitless, Chronicle, Sherlock

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A new super-villain class: One of the Black Worlds’ soldiers develops into “Darwin,” a superhuman serial killer who uses deadly friendly fire to define a true survival of the fittest. 

Comps: Mission Impossible, The Bourne Series, The Matrix

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Sci-fi meets super-human. A young man walks into the White House and through 192 Secret Service agents. Unassailable, he simply talks with the President then departs. In reverse chron, we see his life before the POTUS visit, documenting his swelling invincibility. And yet, a bigger threat follows him.

Comps: Arrival, Watchmen, John Wick

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Based on an original Norse legend, a 500-year-old king is found frozen in an ice floe melted by global warming. Awoken, he realizes superhuman powers and a curse which brings destruction to all around him.

Comps: Venom, Thor, highlander

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